Dog Daycare

Available at our Hershey Rd. Location

Dog Daycare in Elizabethtown, PA

We know a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for every dog, which is why we offer different types of daycare experiences tailored to meet the unique characteristics and needs of your dog. Along with our traditional Dog Daycare Program, we offer Enrichment Dog Daycare, Puppy Social Skills Daycare, and our unique Day Stay Program.

Canines are lovable, social animals, and when dogs attend our Daycare programs, they are happier, more confident, and better behaved as a result of socializing with their canine friends and our passionate and professionally trained pet care team here at Playful Pups.

Our Daycare Programs include a balance of social interaction, mental stimulation, enrichment activities, group play, daily naps or quiet time, all based on your dog’s preferences and playstyle.

Staff with a smiling dog in daycare

Dog Daycare Policies

Because the safety and well-being of every dog is of utmost importance, we have the following guidelines:

  • We require a one time/week minimum attendance for all our daycare programs.
  • Maintain one of our monthly memberships to attend our Traditional or Enrichment daycare programs.
  • All puppies over 7 months of age must be spayed/neutered before being evaluated for doggie daycare.
  • All dogs must have their core vaccines to attend daycare. This includes Bordetella, DHPP, and Rabies.
  • Adult rescue dogs should be in a new home for at least 4 weeks before coming to daycare.
  • Some dogs are happier with ½ days of daycare. After your evaluation day our team will make suggestions as to the best daycare or training program option, as well as best days of the week/timeframes to set your dog up for the greatest success.

Monthly Membership and Daycare for as low as $26.25 per day, depending on the level of membership and number of weekly visits you select. The more your pup attends, the more you save!

Enhance Your Dog’s Daycare Experience with Our Paw-some Add-ons!

We are proud to offer so much more than simply day time care for your dog.  We know how much you love your furry family member, we get it, dogs are our lives too! Our team of highly trained daycare counselors are here to provide not only a loving and fun environment, but a mentally enriching experience for every dog who plays and stays with us.

Staff with three dogs
Dog doing an enrichment activity

Polite Pup Training Session

If your pup has a foundation of basic training skills our dog training team will work on refresher training to reinforce and expand on their current knowledge.  For dogs who have never had previous training, or their history is unknown, our dog trainers will focus on introducing them to basic obedience skills. Consistency is key to good doggie manners so we suggest adding at least one Polite Pups Training Session each week during daycare. Read more about Polite Pup Training.

Enrichment Activity

Provide your dog with a mentally, and physically stimulating personal play session with one of our Daycare Counselors. We offer a wide array of enrichment activities and will customize an enrichment session to best meet your dog’s unique needs and personality. 

Report Card

Receive a digital report card that describes all the fun experiences they had with their daycare pals!

Peanut Butter Stuffed Kong

Your pup will enjoy a yummy frozen peanut butter filled kong during his/her rest time. Interactive treats allow dogs to lick which naturally calms and relaxes them.

Birthday Premium Spa Day

Pamper your special birthday pup with a relaxing and refreshing premium bath anytime during their Birthday Month and receive a 15% discount AND take home a Birthday bandana and bag of treats! This is a Paw-fect add-on to the FREE day of daycare you receive during your pup’s birthday month, one of the many benefits of being a PPR Daycare member.

Birthday Toy Upgrade

Upgrade your pup’s Birthday experience with a special Birthday Stuffed Toy only $10!!

Bathing Services

Who doesn’t love a fresh smelling and clean furry friend? We offer an assortment of bathing services such as Basic or Premium Baths, De-shed Treatments, Poochie Pedicures and even offer a yummy Seasonal Bath Upgrade with a special shampoo each month.

Dog carrying a large toy

Evaluation Day

Every dog is different, and we have realized the post-covid dog has evolving emotional needs. This has impacted some dog's confidence levels and social skills, so our evaluation process takes that into consideration. We value the uniqueness of every pup and always do what is in their best interest.

All new dogs will be scheduled for an Evaluation Day, which includes a comprehensive behavioral evaluation performed by our behavior assessment coordinators. Once you complete your first day, we will review which of our programs, will be the best fit for your dog.

We offer an array of programs to meet the varying needs of dogs, including Traditional Daycare, Enrichment Daycare, A to Z Day Training and an innovative new program coming soon, Pawsitive Experiences, designed specifically for dogs who need extra help with building confidence and social skills.

Based on which program is best for your dog, your frequency of visits for daycare and need for additional services, we will assist you with determining which monthly daycare package and monthly membership option are the best fit for you and your dog.

Read more below on why our clients bring their dogs back for daycare, year after year.

Why Playful Pups Retreat's Daycare?

The Safest Dog Daycare Around!

Playful Pups Retreat has the safest playgroups and enriching activities and comes highly recommended by our current clients and local leading veterinarians. Our team is extensively trained in dog behavior and pack behavior. Our training includes thorough study of dog body language, anatomy, behavior, pet CPR and First Aid. This ensures our pet care team can proficiently assess each guest behaviorally and physically. All of this contributes to the best daycare you’ll find in Central Pennsylvania!

Once here your pet will enjoy an active and enriching day. We also offer TrainingBathing services and Overnight Boarding at our Milton Grove Road location.

Playful Pups Perks Membership Program...Membership Has Its Privileges!

As part of our exclusive Daycare Membership program your pup will have a reserved spot in our daycare program on your scheduled days and receive many other Paw-some benefits only available to Members.

Select between a Premium, Plus, or Basic membership and you will enjoy an assortment of FREE and discounted monthly services for your furry family member.

  • Free Daycare Day during your pup’s birthday month
  • Free Daycare party attendance
  • 20% Off Basic & Premium Baths
  • Free Monthly Poochie Pedicure
  • 10% Off Overnight Lodging

Ask one of our team members for details on our monthly Membership Program and we will help you decide which Perks level is best for you and your lucky pup!

All dogs must maintain one of our three levels of Membership each month to guarantee a spot in our daycare program.

Staff with dogs on playground equipment
German shepherd playing in the water

Choose the Best Doggie Daycare for your Dog

Choosing the best doggie daycare for your best friend is an important decision. Convenience, location, amenities, and cost are considerations but there are other essential factors to consider:

Safety First. Nothing matters more than safety. A reputable facility will put safety first. We achieve this through:

  • Formal training for staff on canine behavior and safe dog interactions. All employees who handle dogs are thoroughly trained. 
  • Dogs should go through a play style assessment. This assessment determines the dog’s attitude toward other dogs.
  • Dog daycare groups should be divided by size and play style. We evaluate each dog to determine the best playgroup based on play style, size, and temperament.
  • Constant Supervision is a must. Most pet parents assume all facilities provide this. Unfortunately, it’s not a reality for most pet care facilities. It is for Playful Pups Retreat. We have reliable, passionate, and well-trained staff to ensure the pack is monitored the entire time.
  • To ensure the health and safety of all pets that stay with us, we require each doggie daycare guest’s vaccinations are current against the most common canine illnesses. We verify current vaccinations with each veterinarian. This extra step provides peace of mind that your dog is playing with healthy dogs.

Why Do I Need Daycare?

Benefits of Dog Daycare

Daycare activities ensure a mentally and physically healthier pooch.

Playful Pups Retreat’s dog daycare can help alleviate behavior problems such as separation anxiety, destructive chewing, and barking. These behavior problems can be a result of being left alone, being under-stimulated, or simply a lack of adequate exercise.

If you spend time away from home during the day and do not want to leave your best friend home alone or your dog simply has too much energy and not enough ways to exercise, then Playful Pups Retreat’s dog daycare may be a perfect fit for you and your dog.

  • Highly recommended by leading veterinarians
  • Loads of fun playing, socializing, and making new friends
  • Dog-safe playground equipment and outdoor play yards with room to romp and play
  • Super fun doggie splashpad for Summer fun!
  • Birthday parties, doggie arts and crafts, and holiday festivities

Doggie Daycare can make a major difference in both you and your dog’s life. Doggie daycare provides exercise, playtime, fresh air, and an opportunity to build socialization skills and burn off all that excess energy!

  • Socialization with dogs and people can help a dog learn how to navigate confidently in our world.
  • Socialization can also reduce new experience anxiety, which can lead to unwanted behaviors such as excessive barking, chewing, or nipping.
  • Well-socialized dogs, on the other hand, remain calm, taking things in stride.
  • Beginning proper socializing is ideal when your dog is still a puppy, but adults can also learn.
Staff shaking hands with a dog

Explore all of our Doggie Daycare options: Traditional Dog Daycare, Enrichment Dog Daycare, Puppy Social Skills Daycare and our Day Stay Program.

Dog Daycare FAQs

I love how friendly and caring staff is. Rocky loves being there, I can leave him there knowing he will have fun with his furry friends and be loved by his human ones. I would not change this place for any other.

Karen Z. of Palmyra PA

The individual care and concern the staff give each dog is second to none. I was very worried how Cass as a recent rescue would do in a kennel, but it was clear the staff gave him the time he needed to adjust and knew how to handle a shy dog.

Kendra J. of Washington PA