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Dog Daycare in Elizabethtown, PA

Canines are lovable, social animals who enjoy being in a pack. If they can’t be with their human family, we believe they’re happiest when they’re socializing with other dogs in our safe and stimulating Dog Daycare program here at Playful Pups Retreat.

Playing and socializing will help make your dog a happier and often better-behaved pet. That’s why Playful Pups Retreat dog daycare includes social interaction, mental stimulation, play, needed daily naps, and quiet time.

  • Highly recommended by leading veterinarians
  • Loads of fun playing, socializing, and making new friends
  • Dog-safe playground equipment and outdoor play yards with room to romp and play
  • Birthday parties, doggie arts and crafts, and holiday festivities

Free Daycare Evaluation for New Day Care Clients

An appointment is required for all daycare evaluations. Discount subject to availability and cannot be combined with any other offers. Daycare discount applies to first time day care customers only. Call (717) 689-3408 To Get Started!

Benefits of Dog Daycare and Socialization

Doggie Daycare can make a major difference in both your and your dog’s life. Doggie day care provides exercise, playtime, fresh air, and an opportunity to build socialization skills and burn off all that excess energy!

  • Socialization with dogs and people can help a dog learn how to navigate confidently in our world.
  • Socialization can also reduce new experience anxiety, which can lead to unwanted behaviors such as excessive barking, chewing, or nipping.
  • Well-socialized dogs, on the other hand, remain calm, taking things in stride.
  • Beginning proper socializing is ideal when your dog is still a puppy but adults can also learn.



Multiple Dog Discount

If you have two or more dogs from the same household, we give a $4.00 discount for each dog when they attend daycare on the same day. We also offer a new client referral program. Please ask a staff member for details!

Choose the Best Doggie Daycare for your Dog

Choosing the best doggie daycare for your best friend is an important decision. Convenience, location, amenities, and cost are considerations but there are other essential factors to consider:

Safety First. Nothing matters more than safety. A reputable facility will put safety first. We achieve this through:

  • Formal training for staff on canine behavior and safe dog interactions. All employees who handle dogs are thoroughly trained. 
  • Dogs should go through a play style assessment. This assessment determines the dog’s attitude toward other dogs.
  • Dog daycare groups should be divided by size and play style. We evaluate each dog to determine the best playgroup based on play style, size, and temperament.
  • Constant Supervision is a must. Most pet parents assume all facilities provide this. Unfortunately, it’s not a reality for most pet care facilities. It is for Playful Pups Retreat. We have reliable, passionate, and well-trained staff to ensure the pack is monitored the entire time.
  • To ensure the health and safety of all pets that stay with us, we require each doggie daycare guest’s vaccinations are current against the most common canine illnesses. We verify current vaccinations with each veterinarian. This extra step provides peace of mind that your dog is playing with healthy dogs.