Puppy Social Skills Daycare

Available at our Hershey Rd. Location

Puppy Daycare Program For Ages 9 to 20 Weeks

Our puppy trainers work on developing appropriate puppy behaviors such as basic doggie etiquette, leash walking, and confidence building activities. We also ensure they have additional experiences customized to their specific developmental needs, including playtime with adult dogs and other puppies their age, crate training, potty training, and also skills to prepare your puppy for vet visits, grooming appts, etc. Our puppy trainers begin getting each puppy used to nail trimming, baths and being handled as well, which is a crucial life skill for all adult dogs.

It is important for young puppies to have many social experiences with new people and interactions with other appropriate dogs. Early training and creating positive experiences will help your furry baby become the very best adolescent and adult dog possible... Our trained team members are here to help get your puppy started on the right paw!

Small puppy being trained


An appointment is required for all daycare evaluations.

Small puppy

Puppies 4 to 5 months and older generally will graduate to either traditional doggie daycare or enrichment daycare, if they are appropriate candidates at that time. Those puppies who start coming to our Puppy Social Skills Daycare Program are steps ahead thanks to the training and positive experiences we offer them as young babies.

Call us or stop in at our Hershey Rd. location to learn more about this awesome program.

Puppy Vaccinations

Puppies must have their basic vaccines and a negative fecal exam appropriate to the age of the puppy and their veterinarian’s protocol, prior to attending their first day of Puppy Daycare.

Most puppies receive a Bordatella and DHPP (Distemper/Parvo) vaccines prior to 10 weeks of age and then a booster for DHPP at about 13 or 14 weeks. Rabies is required by 16 weeks of age according to PA State Law.  Vaccine protocols will vary based on each individual veterinarian.