Puppy Training

Available at our Hershey Rd. Location

Puppy Manners

 Trainer: Maria Stouffer

As Dog Professionals, we understand the importance of starting your puppy off on the right "paw". Our Puppy Manners is a class designed to not only help your puppy learn solid dog social skills, but to help you to become the leader your puppy needs. Basic commands are the foundational training cues that will always be there. Any training you do beyond this class will include the commands we teach in this class.

We will teach you how to teach your dog, to set boundaries, lay out the rules of the home and provide educational materials so you can understand your puppy as it grows and matures. Join us and likeminded puppy owners as we navigate thru "puppies" together! This is a 1-hour class, including 45 minutes of command education, and 15 minutes of puppy playtime where the dogs can socialize with classmates. This class is best for puppies approximately 3 months to 6 months of age.

Puppy Manners Class is 5 weeks and cost $135.00. Space is limited to 12 students per session.

July 11th-Aug 8th
Aug 22nd- Sept 19th
Oct 3rd- Oct 31st
Nov 14th- Dec 12th
6:30pm - 7:30pm
7:45pm - 8:45pm

What is the Difference between Puppy Manners Class and Puppy Social Skills Daycare?

Our Puppy Manners class is a group training class designed to establish a solid foundation of basic training cues and assist with common challenges new puppy owners may encounter, such as crate training, potty training, or important development questions related to socialization, etc. Puppy Manners class is a six-week session, where you, the proud pup parent, are working with your fur baby and has the guidance of our trainer, Maria.

We also offer an amazing Puppy Social Skills Daycare program, that complements the group training class perfectly! The Puppy Social Skills Daycare program was designed specifically to provide a high level of socialization, mental and physical enrichment specific to young puppies at their current stage of development. During Puppy Daycare your puppy stays with us during the day, generally 1 to 3 times a week offers the greatest benefit.

During Puppy Social Skills Daycare we will work on developing important “life skills”, so your baby dog grows into a healthy and well-balanced adult. Our dedicated Puppy Trainers provide:

  • Socialization with many new people
  • Safe and fun play with other puppies, and adult dogs who will help teach them good doggie manners
  • Handling skills needed for going to the groomer or vet’s office
  • Fun and enriching experiences that help young puppies grow their confidence and see their surroundings in a happy and positive way

Our puppy trainers work on enhancing the training you are doing at home, such as housebreaking and establishing a great relationship with their crate, so every pup feels safe and secure when they are crated.
Whether you opt for just our Puppy Manners Class or just Puppy Social Skills Daycare you will be sure to start your puppy off on the right paw! If you want to really take it to the next level and set your new puppy up for lifelong success, we suggest participating in both our Puppy Social Skills Daycare AND Puppy Manners Class!

Learn more about our Puppy Social Skills Daycare Program here.