Stay and Train Program

Available at our Milton Grove Rd. Location

Stay & Train - Our Unique 2-Week Intensive Dog Training Program

We know life is busier than ever these the dog is likely at the top of the “to do” list. How do you find time to get that done though?  We also know that you want a well-mannered and confident furry family member.  Our Playful Pups training team is here to help with our new 2-week intensive Stay & Train training program. Partner with us and our certified Dog Trainer will establish a solid foundation of basic behavioral skills for your pup and set YOU up for training success as well.

Dog trainer working with a dog
Dog trainer working with a dog

Who is Our Stay & Train Program Right For?

  • Dogs 5 months and up needing a strong foundation of basic training, good doggie manners and/or to gain confidence and socialization skills while sharpening their command work.
  • Recently adopted adolescent and adult dogs that will benefit from an intensive training program. Note: Please allow a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks for a newly adopted dog to settle into your family before signing them up for our Stay & Train program.
  • Dogs who require guidance to become more confident and socialized, with both dogs and humans.
  • Pet parents who are committed to continuing to instill all the great skills your pup learns during their time with us!
  • NOTE: This program is NOT for any aggression or behavior modification cases.

Stay & Train Program Details

  • A personalized and comprehensive training program designed to meet the needs of each dog based on the training goals of the pet parent.
  • Our program is different from the rest! We include several training sessions each day, PLUS daily enrichment activities tailored specifically to your dog’s unique personality and preferences. These daily enrichment activities provide mental and physical stimulation, engaging your pup’s brain in fun ways to grow their confidence and provide an additional option to learn new skills.
  • Our positive reinforcement training method is fast, effective, and fun. You and your family will learn all the needed skills to implement to daily life after you take your pup home.
  • Dogs enjoy and have fun with their daily training and gain confidence through our unique program.
  • On their last day, your dog will receive a basic bath included in your package, so he comes home fresh and clean!
  • Each Stay & Train includes a private training session with our trainer within 1 week of taking your dog home so you have the knowledge to consistently maintain ongoing training to continue your dog’s journey to being a well-mannered pup.
  • We partner with you to improve your dog’s behavior and set you all up for success! Our involvement doesn't end when you take your dog home, we are here to help if questions arise.

Stay & Train Evaluation $55

Prior to pet parents signing up for any of our innovative training programs we conduct a 2.5 to 3-hour training evaluation at our facility. One of our Dog Trainers will spend quality time with your pup to get to know their personality and current skill level with obedience cues, ability to focus, confidence with new people, dogs, and places, etc. This will allow us to tailor our time together to have the greatest training outcome. The cost of the Training Evaluation will be deducted from the Stay & Train Program price should you sign up.

Upcoming Stay and Train Sessions

Call us for more information and upcoming information about our Stay & Train Session Dates.

Space is limited. Sign up now to guarantee a spot so we can help set your dog up for a lifetime of success!

Stay and Train Information

Program Pricing: $3200

Why Choose Positive Reinforcement Training Methods

Using positive reinforcement training methods rewards dogs with praise, yummy treats, and extra attention, making them want to repeat the rewarded behaviors.  You will have fun with your dog and build a foundation of trust and respect that will last for the lifetime of your pet. Using positive training methods, your dog can learn good manners including not jumping, walking nicely on the leash, and waiting patiently for attention, and so much more.

Consistency is the key to having a well-mannered dog, so at the end of your dog’s Stay & Train program, you and your family will meet with one of our trainers for an hour-long training session to review your training goals and practice the skills learned during their time with us. This is a perfect opportunity to ask questions and discuss future goals for your dog and your family.

Dog trainer working with a dog

We have used Playful Pups for training, daycare, and lodging for 1.5 years now and love everything they have to offer. The trainers are second to none and the staff is excellent!

Pam Z. of Middletown PA

Recently I sent my dog, Oso, for training at Playful Pups Retreat. On my first visit I was given "the Grand Tour" and I was so impressed with both the facility and the employees. Playful Pups Retreat was clean, it smelled like no animals were there, and there were areas both in doors and out doors for enrichment, play and snuggling. Oso was so happy during his stay (2 weeks), he made lots of "girlfriends" who were part of his training, that he bought everyone pizza. I received daily report cards, and have a video so I can keep up with his commands. Oso is doing so well at home.

Anna Turley, DVM