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How To: Pup-tography!

Most people have smartphones these days, which means everyone has the capability to be a photographer in their back pocket! There’s no better way to remember a special occasion or trip than with adorable pictures of your furry friend, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Want to step up your pup-tography game? Keep reading…

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Haley Anderson

Team Member Highlights: Haley Anderson

This week, we want to celebrate one of our amazing team members, the wonderful Haley Anderson! Haley is a Lodging Attendant at our Milton Grove location and has been with our team for about a year. When asked what her favorite part of the job was, Haley said, “Hanging out with the dogs and playing…

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dog taking a supplement

Pet Supplements – What They Are and Which Ones to Get

CBD, Cosequin, and salmon oil, oh my! It seems that everywhere you look nowadays, there’s a brand new supplement that your dog just has to have. With an estimated value of 636 million dollars, the pet supplement industry is booming. In a sea of brands and different products, it can be hard to determine what…

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dog in the summer

Dog Days of Summer – Three Dog Friendly Activities in the Lancaster/Elizabethtown Area

The sun is out, weather is hot, and we know you’re dying to get out of your house! Luckily, we’ve got you covered, with three dog-friendly local events this summer: K9 Adventures – Lancaster Junction Trail, Manheim. Lancaster County’s Department of Parks and Recreation will be hosting a dog-friendly hike on Sunday, June 27th! Bring…

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hot summer sky

Preventing Heat Stroke in Dogs – Three Things You Can Do

Heat stroke occurs when your pet’s internal temperature reaches a dangerous level, typically around 106 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be caused by being in a poorly ventilated area, over-exertion, and various other circumstances. Because heat stroke triggers a chemical reaction that causes the cells in your dog’s body to break down, and can cause long-term…

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dog sitting

Five Basic Commands Your Dog Should Know

Thinking about bringing home a new puppy, adopting an older dog, or looking for something to do with your current pup? Trick and obedience training is key in training a mannerly, well-rounded dog. Plus, it’s fun, and a great way to build a relationship with your furry friend! But with all of the commands and…

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dog celebrating memorial day

Memorial Day and Your Pet

It’s Memorial Day, which means it’s time for hiking, barbecuing, and plenty of time spent outside. As pet parents ourselves, we know that bringing your dog along for all of the festivities is a no-brainer, but there are certain important steps to take to ensure that your pup has a safe holiday. Keep the table…

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brown dog playing with toy

Finding the Perfect Toy For Your Pup

With so many options on the market, buying toys for your dog can be an overwhelming task! Is it durable enough, made with clean ingredients, will Fido even like it?! We’re here to break it down for you into a few easy questions, and make toy shopping fun again. Is your pup public enemy number…

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dog and owner in the rain

How To Keep Your Dog Clean

April Showers seem to have come a little late this year, and with it bringing plenty of that awful wet dog smell. You know it well, that heavy, musky smell that sticks to everything– from furniture to clothing. With Spring cleaning underway, we know that a stinky dog is that very last thing you want…

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dog under blanket

Seasonal Allergies and Your Pet – How to Help!

Watery eyes, irritated paws, incessant itching, and sneezing- sounds familiar? Just like humans, dogs can be affected by dreaded seasonal allergies. Stuffy noses and itchy skin are definitely no fun, and it’s the responsibility of a pet parent to take care of their pup when they’re feeling under the weather. Read on to learn some…

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