A to Z Day Training Program

Available at our Hershey Rd. Location

Program Overview

Our A to Z Day Training Program was designed specifically for pet parents who are just too busy to attend typical dog training classes. Our intensive curriculum only requires a 2-day per week commitment, for 4 weeks! Pet Parents can select a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday time slot.

Dog trainer working with a dog
Puppy being trained

Ideal candidates for our A to Z Day Training program include:

  • Puppies graduating from our Puppy Social Skills Program who are not quite ready to move on the Traditional or Enrichment daycare. (approx. 5- 6 months old)
  • Dogs who are more timid, shy, or lacking confidence.
  • Adolescent dogs who need continued guidance and straightforward training to help them navigate through this often-troubling phase of life.
  • Dogs who have a high drive or need greater patience and self-control and extra time to mature.
  • Dogs of any age that need a refresher on basic doggie manners.
  • Unaltered dogs who are unable to attend doggie daycare.

Our committed Dog Trainers will provide a strong foundation of basic obedience training and reinforce existing positive behaviors. For all social dogs who enjoy the company of both human and dog pals, group playtime will be included with each day of training.

Space in our A to Z Day Training program is very limited. Available options include Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.

Program Details

  • A to Z Day Training is available to dogs of all ages 6 months and above.
  • School will begin at 9am but Dogs can be dropped off any time after 6:30am. They must be in the building for “Roll Call” promptly at 9am.
  • School will end by 4pm each day. Please do not pick up prior to 4pm so your dog receives all training lessons.
  • Each dog will receive multiple training sessions per day. Our structured obedience curriculum will be utilized for each student in the program. If an enrolled dog is already familiar with some of the commands, trainers will have the opportunity to challenge the dog to a more difficult version of said command. Ie: Stay vs Stay with distractions inside vs. stay with distractions outside. Customizing the program for each dog will be at the discretion of the trainer.
  • Daycare appropriate dogs will be provided off-leash play between training sessions. A daycare evaluation will be required for non-members, or a current daycare Perks membership is necessary to participate in group play.
  • Unaltered dogs are not permitted in traditional daycare groups. Trainers will have the sole discretion to allow unaltered dogs into Enrichment playgroups when appropriate.
  • Report cards and a video summary of the week's training will be sent to all participants on Fridays.

Upcoming A to Z Day Training Sessions

February 26th to March 21st

April 8th to May 2nd

May 13th to June 6th

June 24th to July 18th 

Space is limited. Call us for more information or complete the Online Registration Form and one of our team members will call you with more information.

A to Z Day Training Rates

PERKS Member Price$80 per day
Non-Member Price$95 per day

(Credit cards will be charged on a weekly basis for that week’s training)

A to Z Day Training Packages

Mind Your Manners - Basic Obedience Level Training

The goal for this beginning level training is to introduce our furry students to basic life skills that will lay a solid behavioral foundation that will last a lifetime.

For all social dogs who enjoy the company of both human and dog pals, group play time will be included with each day of training. An evaluation will be required prior to participating in off-leash play for any non-members of Playful Pups Daycare and Training Center.

Top Dog Intermediate Training 

Top Dog training  is designed to build upon the skills learned in our Mind Your Manners program (or equivalent program). We will be introducing the dog to “real world” situations to help them generalize their skills and adjust their behavior in many different distracting situations thru impulse control and focus on their handler.

To participate in the Top Dog Intermediate Training program, a dog must have a solid foundation of basic manners training skills.

For all social dogs who enjoy the company of both human and dog pals, group play time will be included with each day of training. An evaluation will be required prior to participating in off-leash play for any non-members of Playful Pups Daycare and Training Center.

Why We Think A Solid Foundation of Training & Life Skills is Important

A solid foundation of training and important life skills is a deterrent for behavioral problems that often arise as puppies transition into the challenging adolescent developmental phase. In conjunction with all the programs we offer here at Playful Pups Retreat, our partnership with you the pet parent, is to provide support for you and your pup and share our wealth of training knowledge to help you become the leader your dog deserves and needs.

We don’t take a “One Size Fits All” approach as it doesn’t work for many pups and owners. In the busy world we live in, we know pet parents are super busy and do not often have time to train the dog every day. So often we hear things like “I don’t know what else to do.” or “We are just too busy to attend classes.”

We heard you and saw the need and we are here to help!

Dog in a graduation cap after training class

We have used Playful Pups for training, daycare, and lodging for 1.5 years now and love everything they have to offer. The trainers are second to none and the staff is excellent!

Pam Z. of Middletown PA

Playful Pups staff have been absolutely amazing to work with. Our one year old pup had been through group training classes before, and we were looking for something a little more individualized to really work on some key areas. The A to Z program provided that individual care while also giving some very tired pet parents a little break. The weekly videos were extremely helpful for at home practice and we loved getting them at the end of the week. We couldn't be happier with his progress and how much he clearly loves being at Playful Pups and all the staff there!

Liz C.