Playful Pups Retreat Staff

Playful Pups Retreat is owned and operated by Laurie Yost. Laurie always loved dogs and had a dog or two as part of her life since she was a child. When she lived in California, she saw many wonderful pet care facilities. Central Pennsylvania lacked upscale pet care, and the vision formed to someday create a high-quality facility. She dreamed of creating a “canine utopia” in this area providing peace of mind to pet parents and top-notch care for furry guests.

“I love what we offer and provide at Playful Pups Retreat. Most importantly, I love watching dogs have fun, get love and attention from my staff, and gain confidence while in our care.”

- Laurie Yost, proud owner of Playful Pups Retreat

woman holding happy dog

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Our employees include Certified Pet Care Technicians, and all of our staff members are thoroughly trained in canine first aid and CPR. All of the staff at Playful Pups Retreat are dog lovers and owners themselves. Staff members are selected based on their dog behavior knowledge, dependability, and their passion for dogs.

Each employee receives in-depth training in all areas of dog behavior, dog handling, and care. We’re all dedicated to the health and well-being of each pet who plays or stays with us. The combination of our loving, trained staff, level of activity, and pack socialization all contribute to a fun and happy stay at Playful Pups Retreat.