Does Your Dog Have Goals for 2024?

trainer working with a dog with treatsAs we welcome in a new year, we are continuing our series on the A to Z of Dog Training. January is National Train Your Dog Month so it is a perfect time for this topic!

It is also a time where people set goals for what they want to improve from the past year and what they want to accomplish in the new year. Goals for growth can be set for your personal, business or family life. What about our pets? What are our goals for them?

Maybe your dog is a little overweight and your goal is walk more to get them in better shape. Maybe you want to challenge your pup to try new things, so a rally or tricks class may be a fun option. Maybe you are looking to continue to grow with your dog by building a stronger relationship. Regardless of whether you just got a new puppy and are looking to lay a solid foundation of behavior, or your adult dog is displaying behaviors that give you reason for concern, the Playful Pups Retreat Training programs and group classes offer a variety of options to assist you in reaching your goals.

One of the newest training programs, A to Z Day Training, at Playful Pups Retreat is great for busy pet parents. This program is taught at our Hershey Road facility twice a week. You have the option of Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday trainings where your pup will have dedicated time with one of our talented dog trainers each day throughout a four-week period.

trainer teaching dog agilityOur day training program includes two levels of dog training, “Mind Your Manners” focuses on setting the foundation of the basic behaviors and manners we all want in our dogs. The second tier in our A to Z Day Training program is “Top Dog” and is designed for dogs that have a foundation of behavior already in place allowing the dog to grow and take their knowledge to the next level.

We know having a well-behaved, happy, and confident dog is important to pet parents, so we offer a wide variety of dog training options at Playful Pups Retreat to help you reach that goal. We are excited to offer a training option specifically for dogs who are shy or lacking social skills and confidence, called Pawsitive Experiences. Puppies can learn, grow, and play in our Puppy Manners Group class or our Puppy Social Skills Daycare program. Adult dogs can continue in their growth journey by attending our 2-week intensive Stay & Train program at our Milton Grove Road location, or you and your dog can learn and grow together in one of our many Group Training classes.

trainer teaching dog hand signalsNo matter what the Goal for Growth is for you and your dog in 2024 and beyond, the Playful Pups Retreat Training team is here to help you determine the best program for you and guide you toward achieving your goals and building an exceptional bond with your dog that will last a lifetime! Learn more about our Dog Training programs here.

Written by Maria Stouffer, CPDT
Training Director at Playful Pups Retreat and owner of Full Potential Dog Training