Employee Highlight: Dominique

dominique with petIt’s time for another Employee Highlight! This month, we want to give a huge shoutout to our amazing Dominique. Dom has been a member of our team for just over a year, and is currently a supervisor at our Milton Grove Road location. This is her first job working with animals, and she says it has been the best experience of her life. Dom is originally from Highlands, New Jersey, but relocated to the area a few years back!

Dom’s favorite part of her job here is making personal connections with all of our furry guests, and getting to learn all of their unique personalities. She enjoys that she is always learning something new, and says that she loves coming into work and being surrounded by strong, kind, and compassionate coworkers.

Dom currently has one dog of her own- a 6 year old lab/boxer mix named Chico. He is her first dog to have on her own, and her first rescue dog! She proudly says that he has turned her into a crazy dog mom! Dom doesn’t necessarily have a favorite breed, but she has a soft spot for the bigger breeds. She would absolutely love to have a mastiff of her own some day. Dom also loves sloths and finds that they are her spirit animal.

In her free time, Dom likes to take walks with Chico and spend time with her boyfriend, Mitch. She loves her little family, and can’t wait to add more dogs to it one day! She also loves visiting family and friends in New Jersey and going to the beach. Any chance she has to travel and experience something new, she’ll gladly take! If she is not out adventuring, she can absolutely be found taking a nap or looking to go out for yummy food and drinks.

Dom’s personal mantra? “What is done in love is done well.” – Vincent van Gogh. No matter what you do in life, she says, if it is done in love, whether for yourself, someone else, or even an animal, you can’t go wrong. It is one of the greatest gifts and feelings.

Dom is such a ray of sunshine, and we are so incredibly thankful to be able to call her a team member. Thank you, Dom, for all you do for our staff and for our furry guests! You really are an outstanding pack leader.