Giving a Salon Quality Bath at Home

dog getting a bathWith all the rain we’ve been getting, your pup is probably due for a bath! While it doesn’t seem like shampooing and rinsing your dog could be too hard of a task, there are a few special steps you can take to bring salon-quality bathing to your bathroom.

First things first, you have to get your dog in the tub. This may be a little difficult or stressful for some dogs, so it’s important to try enticing them with treats, or their favorite reward. If you have to pick up your larger pet to get them in the tub, be sure to have someone help you! Not only does this keep you safe, but having an additional set of hands makes the maneuvering much smoother, thus decreasing your pet’s stress!

Once in the tub, make sure your dog is properly secured so that there’s no escaping. If possible, you can tie the end of a slip lead to your bath, since it’s easy to loosen these leashes to properly shampoo your pet’s neck. If you have a licky mat, this is a great time to get them distracted by some peanut butter!

Make sure to pick out your favorite, high quality shampoo and conditioner. A good quality shampoo will not only keep the ingredients simple, but also have a pH that is specially formulated for a dog’s delicate skin. We personally love to match our scents with the season. For instance, peaches for summer or pumpkin for fall!

The most important part of all – cleaning your dog! Make sure to get a good lather going, and really work your fingers through their fur. Don’t forget to get their paws, tail, and face! If your dog isn’t a fan of getting his face wet, many brands make awesome waterless shampoos that can be applied to a washcloth and wiped over the face. And don’t forget the conditioner! This step is vital for having a silky, shiny pup.

Once your pup is all rinsed out, grab a towel and get to work! If you have a hair dryer, grab that, too! We personally love using a dryer not only to speed up the process, but to help loosen up any extra fur as well.

Once your pup is just about dry, it’s time to get a brush and start brushing out all of that unwanted hair. This will keep the hair from ending up on your clothes and furniture. Make sure to look into what type of brush works best for your dog’s fur type. Generally, slicker brushes can be used for most fur types, with extra tools such as curry combs or undercoat rakes being handy for short and long fur, respectively.

When you’re all done, be sure to spoil your furry friend with lots of treats, snuggles, and even a walk, if the weather is nice. And the icing on the cake? Decking your dog out with an adorable new bandana!