Top 10 Dog Training Fundamentals to Remember

  Written by Maria Stouffer, Training Director Playful Pups Retreat and Owner of Full Potential Dog Training

trainer working with a dog with treatsAs a professional dog trainer and Training Director at Playful Pups Retreat, I emphasize the importance of our team incorporating these fundamentals of dog care in all we do. These fundamentals are infused in every service we offer at Playful Pups Retreat, including overnight lodging, our variety of doggie daycare options and our A to Z Day Training Program.  Pet parents will benefit from implementing these dog care fundamentals into your daily interactions with your pup at home.

  1. Basic Training – This includes the commands, or training cues, you use to ask for specific behaviors from your dog, including leash manners training.
  2. Socialization – Is critical to help your dog get used to other dogs and new people so they can live in harmony and enjoy new experiences throughout their lives.
  3. Nutrition -Provide a high-quality diet and valuable treats that your dog wants to work for during training. In our A to Z Day Training Program we are happy to feed lunch when a dog requires it and allow for rest time after meals.
  4. Wellness Checks – Each dog in our care is given a Nose to Tail Wellness check when they arrive. If our team notices anything out of the ordinary, we will notify pet parents.
  5. Exercise – Although A to Z is a dog training program which includes mental exercise, we make sure your pup gets physical exercise as well. Playing with other dogs is an option for students who are members of one of our daycare programs, and a sports time with a trainer is always a fun time for non-members. Some form of daily exercise is important to keep your pup happy and healthy!
  6. Enrichment activities – Enriching and fun activities are an important part of our offerings at Playful Pups Retreat, both in the A to Z Day Training Program as well as our Enrichment Daycare program and are also critical during overnight lodging stays. Activities help to reduce energy and stress levels that a dog may experience when away from home.
  7. Body Language – Our skilled dog trainers are always watching each dog’s body language for any signs of stress or discomfort. Pay attention to your pup when in a new environment or with new people as their body language tells you a great deal about their level of comfort.
  8. Safety – While training we move dogs throughout our facility while working on door or leash manners, or adding distractions to a dog’s training, and safety is always important. We use an appropriate leash that is fitted properly and have excellent communication with other pet care providers, so there are no dog-to-dog surprises and everyone remains safe.
  9. Routine and Consistency – We understand that dogs do better with a consistent schedule or routine. The curriculum in the A to Z Day Training Program is designed to teach your dog in a consistent way, with a consistent trainer.
  10. Love and Attention – Our favorite part of dog training is to care for your dog through the day and not only train them to be the best pup possible, but to build a relationship of trust and love with our team.

trainer and dog working on agilityWe understand that not all dogs are the same and what works for one dog may not be the same for another.  Our trainers strive to understand each dog’s needs, personality, and preferences as it is important to building a positive relationship between us and your dog. Training, socialization, and their mental and physical health contributes to a happy well-adjusted canine. Click here to learn more about our A to Z Day Training Program.