Train the Dog – Just Do It!

trainer and dog working on agilityA motivational phrase made popular by the athletic company Nike to inspire customers to purchase their athletic shoes and create a healthier lifestyle through exercise!  It encourages people to take action without procrastination or hesitation.  The advertising campaign worked and today the phrase “Just Do It” is more than a slogan, it is a mindset, an attitude.

In the context of dog training, it could imply the importance of consistency, persistence, and proactive engagement when working with your canine companion. Consistently applying training methods and techniques, being patient, and maintaining a positive attitude can lead to successful outcomes in dog training.

Finding training options that will be a good fit for your dog, based on their breed, temperament, age, etc. can be extremely challenging. So much so that I have known people who Just DON’T Do It because they are overwhelmed with finding the right program or trainer.

Here at Playful Pups Retreat we strive to offer a wide selection of dog training opportunities to meet the evolving needs of pet parents and their dogs.  We have expanded our group training class offerings, added an innovative program for shy, nervous dogs called Pawsitive Experiences, new for 2024 we designed an exceptional Stay and Train program, a two-week intense training program, and we continue to offer our 2 level A to Z Day Training program.

As a dedicated pet parent, we know you want the best for your dog, we also know you are busier than ever, which is why we have spent the past year developing an enhanced dog training program with a variety of training solutions to meet your specific needs. Puppies need socialization and basic obedience, and adolescent dogs, and many adult dogs, require continued training and socialization in a more structured way. This structure may come from excellent day time care such as what our Enrichment Daycare program offers or your dog may gain the greatest benefit from training with a skilled dog trainer, either way we are here to offer our expertise and guidance.

If you are searching for something more for your dog, Just Do It!  Just call us and let our team of pet care experts and dog trainers guide you in the direction of finding the perfect Playful Pups Retreat program for you and your dog!

Written by Maria Stouffer, CPDT – Training Director at Playful Pups Retreat and Owner of Full Potential Dog Training