Finding the Perfect Toy For Your Pup

brown dog playing with toyWith so many options on the market, buying toys for your dog can be an overwhelming task! Is it durable enough, made with clean ingredients, will Fido even like it?! We’re here to break it down for you into a few easy questions, and make toy shopping fun again.

Is your pup public enemy number one when it comes to stuffed toys? KONG Wild Knots are the perfect toy for you! They have the adorable look of a stuffed toy, but are filled with durable knotted rope rather than stuffing. Not only will this keep your house from looking like there was a snowstorm inside, but the lining of these toys is made with heavy chewers in mind, too. That means this toy is sure to last your pup far longer than typical stuffed dog toys.

Looking for something that is fun for your pooch and good for the planet? Snugarooz are the perfect toy for your pup, while also giving a little love to our home. Each one of their toys are made from recycled water bottles, and that’s just the beginning of why we love this brand! Snugarooz toys are incredibly durable, crinkle and squeak, and some even have a bonus toy hidden inside. With any amazing price tag as well, we can’t recommend this brand enough.

Got a chewer and a budget? We promise, long-lasting bones do exist! One of our must-haves are Benebones. With tons of different sizes, flavors, and shapes, there is a perfect Benebone for every pup. Plus, they are incredibly long-lasting, only needing to be replaced once your pup begins to chew off large chunks. Want something even longer lasting? Check out Goughnuts! These toys quite literally come with a lifetime guarantee; the brand will replace your toy for free if your pup is able to chew off the top coat. You can’t beat that!

Have a pup that needs a ton of mental stimulation? You can’t beat the classic KONG. Rubber KONGs are not only fun for your pup to chew on, but the mental stimulation that comes with stuffing their hollow interior is endless. We highly recommend freezing your stuffed KONG before giving it to your dog for even more puzzle time. KONGs make the perfect treat for a hot day, busywork for crate-training, and are simply a must have for any dog owner. Worried about durability when it comes to rubber toys? KONGS Extreme line can’t be beat!

All of these amazing products can be found for sale at our facilities, along with many other wonderful brands of toys, bones, and treats! We strive to only carry the highest quality products in our retail stores, and are confident that every brand you’ll find there is top quality. Our Guest Services staff are always more than happy to assist in finding the perfect toy to spoil your furry friend.