How To Keep Your Dog Clean

dog and owner in the rainApril Showers seem to have come a little late this year, and with it bringing plenty of that awful wet dog smell. You know it well, that heavy, musky smell that sticks to everything– from furniture to clothing. With Spring cleaning underway, we know that a stinky dog is that very last thing you want in your house. Luckily, we’ve got your back! Here are three things you can do to keep your pup clean this Spring.

  1. Look into doggie colognes! Lots of popular pet shampoo brands also release matching colognes, which are the perfect way to refresh a wet, stinky pooch. Not only do pet colognes mask any less-than-desirable smells, but they also have the added benefit of refreshing and moisturizing your pup’s coat. That means your dog will be looking and smelling his best this Spring. Want to make your own? Try mixing some water, apple cider vinegar, and your favorite pet-safe essential oil!
  2. Purchase a rain coat! While this may seem a bit silly to some owners, a raincoat is the perfect way to maintain your dog’s clean coat, especially if you regularly get your dog groomed! We personally like this coat from Amazon best, as it has a reflective strip as well, and we’re all about keeping pets as safe as possible. Plus, it has the cutest pattern options! Want to go the extra mile? Matching booties make sure that your pup isn’t tracking any dirt into your home.
  3. We’ve all seen videos of dogs absolutely covered in mud. As funny as it is, what a nightmare to clean! Hopefully your pup resists the urge to roll in muddy puddles, but it’s impossible to completely avoid mud during this season. Luckily, with a little upkeep, you can easily keep your dog looking pristine. Make sure to trim the hair around your dog’s paws regularly, in order to prevent mud from clumping to his or her feet. It’s also a good idea to keep a bowl of warm water and a towel by the door, easily allowing you to dip and wipe your dog’s feet off when coming inside. If your dog’s collar is looking a little worse-for-wear, it can easily be cleaned with some warm water and dog shampoo, in order to prevent any potential irritation!

The most beneficial way to keep your pup clean this Spring? Keep up with a regular grooming and bathing schedule. Keeping your dog’s coat manageable will only make upkeep all the easier. Local boarding facilities- including Playful Pups Retreat- even take bathing appointments, making it even simpler. Let’s keep your dog- and your home- squeaky clean this Spring!