Pet Supplements – What They Are and Which Ones to Get

dog taking a supplementCBD, Cosequin, and salmon oil, oh my! It seems that everywhere you look nowadays, there’s a brand new supplement that your dog just has to have. With an estimated value of 636 million dollars, the pet supplement industry is booming. In a sea of brands and different products, it can be hard to determine what it is that your pet really needs. Today, we’re gonna break down all the confusion for you, and clarify what supplements you should consider for your furry friend!

First, just what are pet supplements? Supplements are any concentrated ingredient that is added to your pet’s diet in order to boost an aspect of their health or wellbeing. Most often, supplements are used to help treat hip and joint, skin, digestive, or behavioral issues. Supplements can come in the form of pills, powders, or oils, and are typically mixed into food. Although supplements are certainly a useful tool, it’s important to note that many are not necessary for the average pet. A dog that receives quality, nutritionally complete dog food should receive most, if not all, of the necessary vitamins from their diet. Supplements should only be used to do just that- supplement a small aspect of your pup’s health!

Now, what supplements should you be looking out for? That depends on what areas of your dog’s health needs a boost! You should always work with a veterinarian to determine where your pet’s health may be lacking, as too much of a good thing can absolutely be a bad thing!

If your dog struggles from anxiety or general achiness, we can’t recommend CBD enough! Veterinarians will often recommend CBD as an inexpensive alternative to other medications. While some people are anxious to use CBD due to its close relation to cannabis, it is important to note that there is no THC, which gives cannabis its psychoactive properties, in CBD products. In fact, most CBD products are derived from hemp rather than cannabis. CBD works by reacting with receptors in the body located in the central and peripheral nervous systems. This helps to maintain balance and works as an anti-inflammatory. This makes CBD a great generalized supplement to give to your furry friend!

Glucosamine is another great supplement to give your dog, especially older dogs that may suffer from arthritis. In fact, glucosamine is the most popular supplement given to dogs. According to the AKC, glucosamine is an amino sugar that is found naturally in the fluid around the joints to help build cartilage. Giving it as a supplement to your furry friend can relieve symptoms of arthritis, including joint pain and mobility issues. Many glucosamine supplements are also formulated with chondroitin sulfate, which can be found naturally in the connective tissue of bone and cartilage.

Fish oil is the final supplement that we love to give to our pups, and is the second most popular supplement given to dogs. This is a great all-purpose supplement when it comes to any skin or coat issues. Some owners also believe that fish oil can help treat arthritis and improve heart health. According to a study by the “American Journal of Veterinary Research”, fish oil can also reduce inflammation. Our favorite use by far is to aid in skin and coat maintenance, especially for dogs prone to allergies or dry skin! Fish oil will not only provide relief of any symptoms, but leave your pup with a soft, shiny coat.

Again, it is important to note that your veterinarian will always be the best source for all things pet health. It is crucial to work with your vet when introducing a new supplement to your pet, as they will be able to assist you with dosage and clue you in on any negative reactions to look out for. Remember, too much of a good thing can certainly be a bad thing! Looking for some more information on supplements, or looking to purchase a CBD product for your furry friend? Stop by either of our locations to speak to our Guest Services staff!